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The Bed Extender is the same high-quality product sold by Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda and Subaru. This is the original cargo securing system for motorcycles, personal watercraft, landscaping equipment and practically everything else that will fit in your truck bed. Flip the bed extender outward and you just bought yourself a longbed! Flipped inward with the gate closed, the bed extender safely keeps gear like tools, gas cans or groceries from sliding around. For large loads, or little loads, get the most from your truck with a Bed X-Tender. Removes in seconds, weighs just 9 1/2 lbs. and is tough enough to use as a bench.

Replacement bed extender brackets are available.

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Bed Extender Rotating Black
Bed Extender Corner View Bed Extender allows fully loaded Frontier Tilt Bed Extender to remove
Bed extender has a simple design. Use the bed extender to carry large items. Tilt the bed extender 80° to remove.
Bed Extender on Ranger Inboard Bed Extender Bed Extender allows fully loaded Toyota
3 bed extender models will fit most vehicles. Use the bed extender to hold small items close to tailgate. The bed extender lets you carry lots of small items.
Large Bed Extender Instructions
Full Size Truck Instructions
Small Bed Extender Instructions
Compact/Tundra Truck Instructions
Ford Bed Extender Instructions
Ford (new body style) Instructions

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